Sunday, November 4, 2012

THE TRUTH - Is It In Obama

Mr. Obama, the American people deserve a better explanation, from you, of the Sept. 11 Benghazi terrorist attack and why you are trying to cover it up, as if any intelligent person does not already know. Why weren’t our military, who was within striking distance, ordered and permitted to help these Americans who were in distress and save the lives of our four country men who died so needlessly? They did not need to die. Why Mr Obama did you allow this to happen? And you want a second term as president of our country to finish what you started! The destruction of our country. Many retired military officers, who know, keep saying that help was possible for the Americans in Benghazi. But you did not even try to help and then tried to blame it on a movie that hardly anyone has seen. The American people deserve a truthful answer, if the truth can be found in you, as to why there was no effort made by you or your administration to make the consular compound and our people in Benghazi more safe. Why was Ambassador Stevens pleads for more security and help not answered and in some cases denied? Does your telephone work on the campaign trail?

When Bin Laden was killed, it took about 30 minutes before you to make your “I KILLED OSAMA” announcement. It is now been seven weeks, and you are still , as you want us to believe, looking for details of what happen. Mr. Obama, you either have a very unqualified and incapable state department if they can’t pull together a report by this time or is your real agenda to keep the American voters in the dark until after the election. Is it that you do not want the American people to know that the many branches of the Muslim terrorist are really not on the run as you have said in so many of your campaign speeches. Mr. Obama, to give you a heads up they are more dangerous now than before you got elected.

You should be glad that the liberal press is keeping this issue off the burner because if it were anybody but you, especially a Republican president, one can be sure the liberal press would not let it rest. But you Mr. Obama are protected by the liberal press. The American people need to thank Fox News for their straight forward and honest reporting about this, because all we ever get form you is lies, deceit, and cover ups. Mr Obama it is time to put on the big boy panties and be a truthful man. Somehow I do not think you can do that.

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