Thursday, November 8, 2012

Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

The voting system in this country is truly flawed in America because a great number of people vote for no other reason than their own personal, material gains. They cannot see past their case of “What ca going to gimme?” or what will they get for their vote and most of the time do get. The problem with this kind of system is there is more takers than there are makers causing today's voting system to be more than just flawed. It is fatally flawed. It no longer works for the good of our country because when you hand out freebies for a vote the voting system no longer works to the benefit of the country as a whole. The working poor of this country, who receive numerous benefits, are not the problem. They need help. They still work, contribute labor and pay taxes to society. What we really have in this country are the hard-working tax-payers (The Makers) and the moochers (The takers) that are people who do not work and for the most part will never work.

A federal government that is not flawed and is honest should operate within the frame work and the limits intended by the founding fathers which would be a much smaller government, much less capable of creating economic distortions and the free give a ways. This would be a much less attractive reason for voting to the moochers and the politicians who enable them.

Too many people assume that the federal government is the provider and supplier of everything. But this is not the case. The federal government should help the people who are truly looking for work, the disabled, and the people who depend on their social security, which they have paid for all their working life. These are the ones who should be helped. But this is not the case in America today. The government (mostly the democrats) give handouts, money, and a lot of other things to people (the takers) for their support and vote to keep them in office. This is not they way the voting system should work. Every freedom that has been given to us as Americans will soon be gone because of who was elected and put into office by the Moochers (The Takers). To the Moochers I would like to say this; “You keep your free government cell phone, but give me my freedom!

Because of these free handouts our nation is on the fast track for self destruction. Some people (The Takers) would rather vote for a leader or political party that gives them free cell phones, free food, free places to live, free utility bills, and just about anything they want instead of a leader and a party which would give them a strong and prosperous nation where there is jobs for all who want to work to provide for there necessities. We do not have a strong leader, in the White House, that will work to guarantee the safety of these United States and it is because of the selfish “What you going to Gimme” voters known as takers who voted him into office.

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