Tuesday, October 16, 2012

THE ELECTION: And Our Future!

The new Democratic Party (I say that because it is not the one of years ago) has no good ideas, plans, or any other thing that will help this countries’ recovery. They have no ideas and have no real leadership. They are like rats following the pied piper. The Democrat party, with Barrack Obama as their leader, has badly damaged our countries' standing in the world and at home. The failure of any country or government to protect our consulate or embassy is not right and then for this countries’ leader and his underlings to issue an apology was just a devastating thing to do. Our embassy get’s attacked, our ambassador and other government employees there were murdered and we blame it on a movie and apologize.  Mitt Romney issued a statement saying that apologies should not be coming from us and was immediately attacked by the main stream liberal media, better known as the Obama press. The murder of our ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, has proved that the foreign policy put into place by Obama is not working.

The plan that Obama has laid out and talked about in his visit to the Middle East in 2009 has failed.  His ideas of working with the Muslim states have failed. You cannot have a relationship, or work with people that are trying to kill you and you cannot replace our American heritage with their Muslim law and their ways.

We cannot bow to the demands of the Muslim world that for the most part hates who we are, and that for which we stand. Obama has tried it for four years, and it has not worked and has hurt our relationship with our ally, and friend Israel. The real tragedy was that our president, with all that was happening in the Middle East decided he did not need an intelligence briefing and flew off to Las Vegas, Nevada for a campaign fund raiser. When you have a Muslim president it is a danger to our great country. Remember that he said in one of his books: “if the winds start to blow he would side with the Muslims” Now that should make every true blooded American think.

We still have an economy that continues to go backwards instead of forward, but to listen to Obama and his democrat friends everything is getting better. When is the spin going to stop? The jobs numbers every month since Obama has been in office has been miserable. Over 300,000 people withdrew from the work force or our unemployment rate would have gone up this past month. Fifteen percent of our population is in poverty, 47 million are on food stamps and the number is growing, our debt has reached $16 trillion and is still spiraling out of site with no end in sight, and the Federal Reserve keeps floating money which will lead to inflation and in the end will become worthless paper money. We have not had a budget that Obama has signed since he has been in office. Does that tell you something about his leadership?

The foreign affairs policy, of this country, is in shambles, Obama has alienated our allies, and Iran has not been stopped from getting the bomb. They are closer than ever, We read news reports that North Korea is ready to spread its wings, Syria keeps killing its own people, Russia has stopped us from intervening in Syria and Obama and his great party are talking about reducing our Military. Does that make sense? Coupled with the worst economy since the depression, we need leadership and it is time for a change. We need a builder not a wrecker to lead this country.

The Gun is Not The Problem

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