Friday, September 7, 2012

CAUTION: A Dangerous Future Is On The Horizon

images A number of people on Face Book and numerous other places have have said recently that they are going to vote for Ron Paul or someone else in November instead of Mitt Romney. They do not want Obama to win, but they are against Romney. I disagree with them. I intend to vote for Romney. The trouble with supporting Paul or some other person now is that they are not going to win. No amount of hoping and wishing is going to make them president. If you vote for some other person besides Romney it is a lost cause. Anyone who believes someone else has a chance must also believe in the goose that laid the golden egg. It is not going to happen. I disagree with these people. I intend to vote for Romney. When the race for the Republic Candidate still was on I wanted Newt Gingrich, but that did not happen. The trouble with supporting any other person is that they are not going to win. No amount of hoping and wishing is going to make them president. I personally do not want Obama and his liberal, communist friends to win.

In November, we the people are going to cast votes for or against Barack Obama. We’re going to decide if we want him to continue his assault on capitalism and American exceptionalism. We will either stop him from dismantling our country or we will let him finish destroying it. The choice is yours. Remember that when you go into the election booth in November. We’re going to say that it’s ok, or it is not okay, that he takes the fruits of our labors and redistribute it people who will not work now or never will work or to his communist or Muslim allies in other countries. We’re going to decide if we remain a free people whose country is under God where there is liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all or if we embrace communism and/or being governed by Islamic religion and all the evil those form of belief entails. This is a wake up call for all Americans.

I want my children and grand children to grow up in a free country, not a government run plantation, where there is opportunity and happiness.  That can’t happen if Obama is re-elected. The longer he remains in office the more enslaved we as a people will become. We need to stop him.  We can do that by voting for Romney. You might not like him, but he is the best shot we have to defeat Obama and his liberal friends who want to “CHANGE” our very way of life. Going to a third party might sound and feel good at the moment but all it does is help Obama stay in office. There is nothing more dangerous than Obama having four more years without a re-election to temper his actions. Voting for someone else in the general election is the same as pulling the lever for Obama and his communist change agenda.

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