Wednesday, April 13, 2011

AMERICA: The truth is what matters!

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It comes a time that we as Americans must come to terms with the actions of our government leaders and the direction this country. The direction of our country is a complete reversal of the way our founding fathers designed it to be and most of our leaders are so clueless to what is happening or they do not care because their pockets are being lined with money.

I find it hard to believe that more people are not outraged by the way the state and federal governments are handling our money.  What I mean is this, how many more taxes and increases can the American people afford?

We are at a very critical time, in our country, when just about every American family is struggling to make ends meet. Now our amazing government, federal and state, is working over time (it seems) to come up with more ways to more burden the already overtaxed people in this country. The property taxes are outrageous.  At a time when property values are decreasing, property taxes are increasing. Does that make sense? Some states have sales taxes that has already been increased, now they want to put even more tax on gasoline that the people can not afford already, due to the already high prices. When is enough ever going to be enough?

When will The people of this country finally get enough of this, outright, robbery, when will the citizens of this country stand up for ourselves and put a stop to this? Who does the government works for? The sad thing is they think that it's you and me who work for them!  We have the right to tell the elected government what a terrible job they are doing. There are many, many people who have taken pay cuts and lost their jobs, but how many elected government officials in Washington have voted to reduce any of their pay or benefits. It seems like Obama goes on vacation at least once a month and always at our expense. He might want you to think it is government business, but is it?

In a time of no jobs, a struggling economy, outrageous food prices, gas prices threw the roof, the state and federal governments, including Obama, are still wanting to raise taxes. How much more can we stand? We are struggling, as a country, for survivable, and we are still letting people across our boarders ever day (illegally) and then giving them everything, money, food stamps, housing, social security benefits, and financial assistance to go to college .  We are given them the things that some Americans have sought for years.  People can come from other countries and our government will set them right up in a business. Would they do that for you? The answer is “NO”!  Most all  the 7-11 stores, Quick Shops, Dunkin Donuts, mom & pop stores, and you name it are being finances by our tax dollars for people coming to this country and the most of them do do believe in our system of government, or our beliefs, or our way of life. We need to wake up!

We were told by the president of this country that some parts of the constitution of this country need to be re- written, Some of the Bible is not for today, and will not call terrorist what they really are: “TERRORIST”.  This country is killing unborn babies by the millions, our kids are being taught in school that when two people of the same sex get married it is just a different life style, we are told we are no longer a Christian nation, and the president is telling the Islamic nations, of the world, that we are the biggest Islamic nation in the world. We have a president who will not allow a nation day of prayer, but will allow Muslims to pray on the lawn of the White House and yet he says he is a Christian!

We do not have to worry about being defeated as a nation from without, because we will be defeated from within if we, as Americans,  do not take a stand and say enough is enough! What would our fore fathers say? We are going in the opposite direction that our forefathers wanted. I will leave you with this question: Are you just as free as you were 10 years ago or even 5 years ago? There must be a turning around in this country and yes that also means turning back to our Creator. We can not do it on our own!

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