Saturday, October 23, 2010

What's The Real Reason?

What was the real reason that National Public Radio (NPR) fired Juan Williams? They were after Williams because he appears on Fox news. They fired Juan Williams, an expert analyst for giving his view. That's what a news analyst does. They give their opinion. But, since Mr. Williams was on Fox, the government-funded elitist radio network, that if the truth be known no one listens to-- saw Him as being tainted and a threat. Can you imagine being fired over the telephone? He was never called in or anything even said to him about his comment about Muslims. He was fired over the phone. How low can you go?
And when the clueless executive from Nation Public Radio was speaking to media about the firing, she then attacked Juan Williams character, implying Williams was mentally unstable and his thoughts are between him and his psychiatrist. To me that was the most damning of all. Just think our tax payer dollars fund this radio network. This is one of the things that is driving this election right now. You have a pack of people in our government at state and federal levels that are just like the people at NPR. It is their free speech. Not yours or mine. You say something to the contrary about what they believe, you are a bad person. You're evil. You're not in the group. You are beneath them, you are a dummy. This is a case of out and out censorship in the media. NPR took a millions and millions of dollars from the America-hating George Soros to put more NPR reporters on the pay roll who will say and report what they want, but they fire Juan Williams, who is an analyst, for giving his opinion. This is not the American way.

The Gun is Not The Problem

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