Thursday, September 16, 2010

Making The Right Choice

Have you ever listen to Obama when he is trying to make policies about how things should be done he keeps reminding people that the buck stops with him, but when he is criticized about his policies then it becomes Bush's fault. He would then try to make you believe that the buck stopped with Bush. Which is it? As a registered independent I always look at both sides of the issue and with the mid term elections coming soon, we really need to make good choices who we want to represent us. The voters will hear that all the massive deficits that we now have was left by Bush and the Republicans and Obama inherited them. Have they fell off the turnip truck? You can believe that line of thinking if you want to, but it is far from being the truth. If you take time to look into and scrutinize what has happen then you will see that would be far from the real truth.

Although Bush was the president we must remember that democrats controlled both sides of congress before Obama (the yes we can man), became president. The massive deficit was created by the democrats and guess who else! Barrack Obama was at the time a United States senator from Illinois. If you look closer you will see he was and still is one of the biggest spenders of our tax dollars. He has been trying to spread the wealth around for years. With Obama in the White House, with his comrades, Reid and Pelosi this nations deficit is larger than it has been in fifty years and the democrats are still spending what they do not have. A lot of voters had hope when they elected Obama there would be a change. They liked the words “ TRANSPARENTCY” and “CHANGE” Since Obama has taken office there has been no transparency and for the majority of hard working Americans it was not the change they wanted to see.

In one of his famous speeches Obama said " The worst thing we could do is to go back to the very same policies that created this mess in the first place," Remember him saying that? That is about the only thing that I can agree with Obama on. If we are going to talk about "the policies that created this mess in the first place," let's at least get the facts straight and the names right. The current policies of the Obama administration are a continuation of the same reckless policies that brought on the current economic problems, in the first place, all in the name of "change."

If this nation is to survive then there really does have to be a change. We must get rid of both republicans and democrats that direct and route huge sums of our tax dollars where it will do them the most good, personally (in there pockets) or helping them to buy their votes in the next election to keep them in power. It saddens me why we have a issue with illegal immigration, when it should never be in the first place. The democrats will do nothing because they want the illegals vote and the republicans will do nothing because they want the cheap labor. This leaves the tax payer holding the bag. It is a time to put a stop to the way our government, as a whole, operates. Most of the people in congress do not represent the American people anymore.

It is time to send our leaders in the nations capital a clear message and elect people who will do the right thing, people who will strive to balance the budget, people who will put a stop to illegals coming into this country, people who will stand tall and not bend to terrorist, people who will give this country back to the American people, people who are trust worthy and honest, people who have America's interest at heart.

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