Monday, August 16, 2010

The Worst President This Country Has Ever Seen!

I think Barack Obama will be the worst President this country has ever seen. He will damage our nation in more ways, or already has, than I have the energy to write about here. But just to outline a few for my friends and readers.

I don't know if John McCain would have been the best President we've ever had, or if he was the best man available at the time, but I have no doubt that, although he might be misguided, or mislead about some issues, he is most of the time in the right ballpark, and that he surely is dedicated, one hundred percent to his country. He was and is aware of the terrible threats that face the US and the rest of the world, and there was, or is, no doubt about his objective or his allegiance to the American people. He was not caught up in fantasies, moral equivalences or grievances that has brought nothing but harm to every citizen of this country. When compared to Obama, the Politically Correct Internationalist Global Citizen, there is no comparison as to who should have been president. It sure was not Obama! The great transparent president! All we heard from him during his campaign was “change” and that is what we got alright! How is your change working out?

After reading and searching the internet for creditable information about Obama, several things have come to light. The first is just about everything that he ever done in his life are hide or covered up. His records from his Illinois State Senate office disappeared during the election, the same for his client lists at the Law Firm he worked for. [Hum wonder why?] No paper he has ever written at University has ever shown up. He says he threw them all away. Two years from his biography are completely blank. [GONE] He spent time in Pakistan with friends after college. Who paid for such a trip for a young student? These are reasonable questions of a man whose true ideology can be considered unknown because of his many odd, to say the least, associations, and which seems suspicious to most Americans. Don't we, as Americans deserve better answers than getting haul over the coals for asking about his past? According to Obama and some of his people, we are racist if we ask anything about him. How dare we ask questions about him? We're only asking because he looks different. That is his way of correcting our concern of even being suspected of such an offensive characteristic. That's very clever and clear to me that it is pressure and intimidation. And guess what, it works.

In reality, it's wonderful that this country has risen above its racist and bigoted past to elect an African-American to be the President, although he is not African-American. He is Muslim, white, and African-American. I have said this more than once. Has he ever made a speech praising the nation for this accomplishment? That is, other than his very brief homage to Martin Luther King at the DNC. NO!! Obama has time after time presented himself as a victim of racism when it's been clearly shown as the opposite, this is an good indication that this, same thing, is going to continue throughout his presidency. He will always play the race card.

His extreme leftist background and beliefs -- it is daydreams as regards to our economy. It's just lots of terminology that has no relation to reality. His plans and ideas go way, way beyond shoring up of Social Security and Medicare for the elderly. And even way beyond Universal Health Care. His programs and plans change daily as he pulls ideas out of the air, or from one of his many czars that help him rule this country. YES!! I said rule. He does this to suit whichever group he happens to be attempting to influence at any given time. We are going to see massive poverty on a level we haven't seen before. We can expect almost all opposition to his ideas, and all his failures, to be blamed on and characterized as some form of racism, which will of course be associated with the Republicans. He and his reckless, stupid, moves are going to take race relations in this country backwards in leaps and bounds.

I, truly, believe that Obama and his wife, think that he is the One who can heal this mean nation that is very, very dangerous. They really do believe he is above the law and knows better than our laws and Constitution. There have already been remarks from his czars that the Constitution oughtn't to be so untouchable and sacred. He truly seems to believe himself about his good judgment, although he has done nothing to demonstrate anything of the sort. He's shown quite the contrary, and on a consistent, everyday, basis. He is more dangerous than any president we ever had. It is like he wants to destroy this country and so far he is doing a pretty good job of it.

Take a note about this: Obama and his cronies went to his pals at the Justice Department to attempt to silence, and prohibit the TV cable channels from showing a video about his relationship with Bill Ayres. You know, the home grown terrorist. They lost, but the video isn't around anymore. WHY?

In addition, did you know this, during Obama’s Campaign thuggish behavior was used to attempt to shut down a radio talk show which had a guest speaking about Obama's connections and failure with the, Chicago Annenberg Challenge, where a grant of $100 Million meant to be used to improve education was used to fund radical groups instead. They flooded the station with phone calls and emails. None of the phone calls were debated [any issues or facts], but solely denounced any critic of Obama as a liar and worse. Freedom of speech anyone?

So what do we really have here? We have a president that will not produce a birth certificate to prove where he is born. We have a president, that by his actions hates this country, one who does not know if there are 57 states or 50 states. One who bows to Muslim kings and think that the Muslim call to morning prayer in the most beautiful thing. Hum! What a statement for a professing Christian to make. We have a president who will not call acts of terror what they really are, instead calling them “manmade disasters”. The list could go on and on, but you get the picture.

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