Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The United States today has the greatest military in the history of the world. They have the best training, the best food, the best equipment, and the best military leaders in the world to lead them into battle. Whether some people will agree or not, it is not certain, but it is certain and without a doubt that we have a trained, determined, committed and courageous military that has and uses the most advanced technology in the world today that helps them provide for the security and safety of this nation. And, and above all, it is a one hundred percent a volunteer force. Now that is commitment. A commitment to freedom! All we need now is a commitment from spineless (Obama and the politicians) in Washington.

The sad thing in all this is our military was handed over to Barrack Hussein Obama ten months ago as we were fighting in two wars against the same enemy, that is, in the continuing war against terrorism. And what does Obama do with it? He refuses to see General McChrystal, who in charge of the soldiers in Afghanistan, until after the General’s concerns became known to the public and he was starting to get questioned as to why he was not talking to the general. Then, when General McChrystal advised Obama that we could win the war in a year and explained how to do it, this so-called Commander in Chief (Obama) took three months of vital time to think things over and it will be another ten to twelve months before, according to the pentagon before the troops are sent. So much for winning the war in a year. This was despite his statement during the campaign that Afghanistan was the ‘good’ war to which he would immediately turn his attention once he was elected. Is this a laugh or not? I call it a slap in the face to all Americans. Now, at long last, he has revealed his ‘strategy’ in a weak, uninspired and painful speech (that’ll sure strike terror in the hearts of those who want to kill us, won’t it?), in which Obama chooses withdrawal rather than victory. Whether the killing fields in Afghanistan will begin while are our soldiers are still actively engaged in fighting in that country, or after we leave depends on the will of our enemies, who are much emboldened in the last year because of Obama. This man is our president! We soon will be in for the fight of our life and it will be right here on American soil and this man (Obama) does not want to hear the word “TERRORIST”

What is most tragic is that every single decision involving American Soldiers has been and is being made by Obama and his cohorts in Congress for purely political reasons;in other words, the presidential photo-op at the Dover Air Force Base of a returning soldier who did not survive his last battle; and the ‘courageous’ Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid attaching the idiotic and unpopular ‘hate crimes’ bill to the legislation necessary for the funding of our troops. In other words pass her hate crime bill or else neither will get passed. Shame on our congress. A person can watch the Democrats in charge in Washington trying their best to figure out how to lose this war, just like they did for Vietnam, whether it is in actions taken or not taken. Although every battle was won in Vietnam by our soldiers the war (what they were fighting for was lost, thanks to politicians). If you will look you will see that neither Obama nor any leaders in congress have been able to bring themselves to mention the idea, nor the word, “VICTORY” when it comes to American military s war on terror. They have a pretty good track record that shows they are very good at doing and making things happen that would hurt and do much harm to America and our soldiers.

Now, our soldiers who are defending America, who entered the military because they want to fight for American ideals and freedoms that was created over 200 years ago, and who are being prevented from doing so, remain leaderless and are disallowed from protecting our country and even themselves from terrorist acts, even on their own military bases. It is time that we, the American people, stand up for our soldiers and fight to protect them from the lacks government that we have.

Soon Obama will have all the troops pulled out of Iraqi and Afghanistan, (with out winning the war, the battles yes the war no) and as soon as that happens these two countries along with Pakistan will soon fall to the terrorist and then the terrorist will not only have three countries to use as points to attack America and Israel but will also have the nukes from Pakistan to use against this country and Israel. Add Iran to the mix and we will be in a world of trouble. It is time that this country has a strong president, a strong congress, and a strong nation that will back our service men 100%

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