Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Words Of A Great American

I recieved this in a e-mail and The vidieo is something that you should watch. I do not know for a fact about the rest but I'm sure considering who Obama is that it is not far from being right

Thomas Payne
This guy's video on youtube has been so popular that Obama called him personally. He said that he was very disturbed with the video \and invited him to the White House. Obama also said he wanted the White House to handle the Press and not to talk about the video or the White House visit.
That's interesting!
Watch it now. This may be the best six minutes invested in your future You may have to turn your Sound Control up some.

The Gun is Not The Problem

( This article is a response by Bill Patchett to an article in the Star Democrat news paper dated February 18 , 2018. His response below ...