Thursday, June 4, 2009

President Barack Husain Obama's Speech

President Barack Obama's speech to Muslims was also listen to by Israel and the United States, listening to hear if he would soften the United States support for Israel or make peace with Iran at the cost of Israel. His careful words illustrate the talker that he is. This man is so good that he could be caught in a pie shop eating pies and talk his way out of it. He talked about the distrust and misunderstanding on both sides, the United States and the Muslim world. I would like to ask: "Where is there a misunderstanding on the part of America?" The Muslim terrorist have bombed, killed, held hostage, and have made threats (just yesterday for example) against us. That is no misunderstanding. That is plain fact. We have gone out of our way to help the Muslim world and that is a fact. For all that we are kicked in the face and called the great Satan.

An Israeli government statement issued after Obama spoke ignored his calls for a settlement freeze and the creation of an independent Palestinian state, demands that Israel continues to reject and if I may say rightly so. The Muslims do not want some land, they want all. That is plain to see A spokesman for the Israel government said this: "We share President Obama's hope that the American effort heralds the beginning of a new era that will bring about an end to the conflict," the statement said, noting that Israel's security must be guaranteed.

The president knows that he can make little headway with Muslims unless he pushed an Israeli peace deal with the Palestinians, which would most likely depends on a deal with the Arab world as a whole. Who are we kidding? In plain easy to understand language the Arab world as a whole only wants a deal that eliminates all Jews and the big Satan (The United States). Only when the free world understands that we will are under attack by a group of people and nations that have one goal in mind, the control of the free world, mainly destroying the United States and Israel. It is time for the United States as a united people to see this. Until we all come together in unity there will be no stopping these thugs. This will never happen as long as we have a president that does not want the word terrorist used in any comments, a president that will close Gitmo and put the thugs into the American society, a president who will let a rogue nation develop nuclear weapons, and above all said: "America is not _ and never will be _ at war with Islam." I would like to ask one question: Where does all the terrorist and thugs come from? Are they Christians? Are they Jews? Are they Buddhist? Are they from any other religion? Where are they coming from? The religion of Islam! Wake up and smell the coffee.

Obama said: "It is easy to point fingers," but if we see this conflict only from one side or the other, then we will be blind to the truth. Really, Mr. President, how can you say that? I sure can point fingers with no regret. I point my finger at the 3000 people killed on 911, I can point my finger at the US Cole, I can point my finger at the marine barracks in Lebanon, and I can keep right on pointing, but what is the use and by the way I'm not blind either! Obama also said in his speech that: "To much blood has been shed." I can agree with that. American blood and it is time to stop the spilling of that blood, but this will never be done with our present leader.

Finally in closing I want to make one more comment. It is painful for us to have our Soldiers killed on the battle field by terrorist but when they are killed by terrorist on the streets of our nation is more than painful. Not only does it hurt me, it makes me mad, real mad. The war is now on our streets and in our towns, and communities. It will come a time and that time will be real soon, if we do not really deal with this problem and call it what it is, there will be no one in this country safe. It is time to stop being political correct and start being level headed about the serious threats that are facing this country.

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