Monday, December 15, 2008

If The Shoe Fits Wear It

I never was so upset with the news media as I was this week. I have finally give up hope for them. They are certainly not like they were years ago when you could read a news paper or listen to news over the radio or TV and know that they were fair and balanced in their reporting. They are getting so ridiculous with their stories that the average American does not even want to hear or read them. When I go down to the coffee shop that is all a person hears, " How one sided the news is." Most people are beginning to think that the news agencies are a joke. It is sad to say that about 90% of all news outlets in this country are liberal in their views and that is certainly not right for them to be that way. Most people, like me, do not want to know how the news services feel about something, all we want is the straight down the road reporting and the whole story, not just the part that helps their cause along. That we rarely get anymore. The American Citizen does not need the news agencies trying to shape the policies of this country or our mind. Please do not be so narrow minded that you cannot see that this is what they are trying to do. Listen, I'm not writing to you today as a Republican or a Democrat. I'm a independent and most important an American. So what I'm writing is coming from a upset American, not a Republican or Democrat.

The latest example of their one sidedness was their story on a Iraqi man throwing a shoe at President Bush during a news conference in the Green Zone. They made the story into a joke and it was ever so funny or that is how they wanted it to come across. Over and over again we heard this story. Now if this happened to our new president elect would they still report it this way? No of course not, there would be major headlines saying that he was attacked and make it look like the world was coming to a end. They would report the story completely different. As Americans we need to stand up and do whatever it takes to get some honest and fair reporting. You have reporters who get weak, want to faint, get goose bumps, and who knows what else when they report on our president elect. No wonder some people are calling him the messiah! What's next? That is just how one sided they are.

We now see where the liberal congress is trying to silence the few remaining talk show host that we can listen to for the truth. The only news that I will listen to these days besides Fox News, who by the way is a fair and balanced news station, and know what I hear is the truth is talk show hosts such as Tom Marr, Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and many others that come on that WCBM 840 radio station. They are not left or right, but straight down the middle. I'm sure that there is other stations that report the truth, but this is the one that I count on to hear what is right. As far as I'm concerned no news is better than most of the news that we are getting from the major networks and major news papers. If any news reporters read this article then I have one thing to say to you: "If the shoe fits, wear it!"

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